United Technology Platform (UTP) «Electronic Traffic Cop» - «ElecTraCop».

Basic Technical Principles:

The United Technological Platform (UTP) “ElecTraCop” is designed for full traffic management in the road network of the city and on highways. The platform is a complex of technical means and software of transport nodes used as a basis for traffic control and monitoring systems. Among technical means, there are control units connected to road controllers, traffic lights, RFID detectors – control borders, information screens, data exchange, processing and storage systems, and control services. Control units are equipped with special software to fulfill their functions of traffic management.

Apart from the state-issued license plate, each vehicle is equipped with individual radio-frequency identification (RFID) module embodied as a solid electronic vehicle license plate, which generates signals to be received by a devoted reader.

The platform is a basis for a number of systems used to carry out the most important traffic management tasks, such as:

  1. Automatic Traffic Control System.
  2. Automatic System of Control over Abiding by Traffic Regulations.
  3. Automated Vehicle Parking Control System.
  4. Automated Statistics Collection and Processing System.
  5. Transport Information Systems.
  6. Supplementary systems.

UTP “ElecTraCop” is multifunctional. Traffic control units are mounted on road junctions and manage traffic lights using an original adaptive algorithm as well as other known adaptive algorithms based on the actual information on traffic load of the given junction. The transport node data are periodically sent to the control center, where they are classified, processed and visualized. If necessary, it is possible to execute centralized control over traffic lights. The traffic flow data received are used to analyze traffic situation and to control parking lots limited by control borders. Transport Information Systems supply drivers with navigation information about traffic situation.

All these aspects are characteristic features of UTP “ElecTraCop”, which make it a highly effective and competitive system.