UTP «ElecTraCop» - Functional systems

Automatic traffic control and monitoring system.

ATCMS «ElecTraCop» is a multilevel traffic monitoring system with feedback, which is capable to carry out main traffic monitoring functions automatically and with no human involvement. The system is organized hierarchically according to different controlled entities, such as “JUNCTION”, “BLOCK”, “DISTRICT”, “CITY”, “COUNTY” (Patent for invention №2454726, industrial patent №116258).


“ElecTraCop ”, a method of removing traffic jams at road junctions, aimed at organizing signal-based traffic control at road junctions on principles of “equality” and “justice” is the basic technical solution for the adaptive traffic lights control algorithm. Unlike its counterparts, the present system tailors the green light period so that all vehicles, which have accumulated at some distance from the junction during the last red light period, are able to cross the junction .


The ATCMS technical basis comprises a plurality of stationary control points (SCP) on signal-controlled junctions. SCPs consist of:

  • control units connected to road controllers;
  • traffic lights;
  • variable information signs, info screens;
  • electronic devices for measuring vehicle movement parameters (control borders) using radio-frequency identification tools (readers);
  • built-in mobile or satellite communication modules with Internet connection;
  • digital means of data exchange, processing and storage.

Specialized software is used to register traffic regulations violations and to generate automatic administrative offence report, which is then sent to the database of the traffic police office in the region, where the vehicle is registered, by means of the closest mobile (cell) communication provider and Internet. Database software automatically generates a ruling and notifies the perpetrator (driver) via a text message.

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Apart from the state-issued license plate, every vehicle is equipped with individual RFID means embodied as a solid electronic vehicle license plate, which generates signals to be received by dedicated readers.

«ElecTraCop» provides for:

  • management of traffic lights and other ATCMS components (variable information signs, screens, etc.);
  • rerouting of transport flows to minimize travel time and distance and to increase economic efficiency;
  • prediction of road network load and traffic jam prevention;
  • parking registrations and management;
  • specialized transport movement (giving of priorities);
  • regulation of road taxes, fines and payments;
  • statistical functions;
  • reliable reading of license plates with no additional checks;
  • control over abiding by junction crossing rules;
  • navigation services.