2nd Russian International Congress on Intellectual Transport Systems (in Russian)

The 2nd Russian International ITS Congress was held in Moscow on 6-7 April, 2010. Its main agenda included national ITS development concepts, Russian national ITS architecture and development program, experience sharing and establishing of cooperation between Russian and foreign companies dealing in creation and effective use of transport systems.

The Congress participants could take part in round-table and sectional discussions. At one of them, Igor Matsur, the Director General of VZGLYAD Research and Technology Holding, presented his report titled Automatic Traffic Control System VZGLYAD.

After the congressional events, the participants had an opportunity to visit sites, where intellectual transport systems have been implemented, such as the Central Traffic Control Directorate (Transportation Control Center) and the Innovative Development Center of RZD PLC, as well as the Communication Hub of Moscow Subway Line Control Center and the Space Services Center.